IAFF A. Michael Mullane Political Training Academy

The IAFF A. Michael Mullane Political Training Academy will provide our politically active leaders with the instruction and guidance necessary to increase the political effectiveness of our locals and state associations.

To be considered for the Political Training Academy, applicants must submit an electronic application and a recommendation letter from their Local's President. Applicants who do not submit an official letter of recommendation on their Local's letterhead will not be considered for this program. Space is limited as there are only 50 spots available. 

Please contact Ian Stublarec at istublarec@iaff.org or Tom McEachin at tmceachin@iaff.org if you have any questions.

Application Process
Step 1: Review and complete all of the questions on this page and submit your application online.
Step 2: Email your official recommendation letter on your Local's letterhead to Ian Stublarec at istublarec@iaff.org. 

Applications are due by Thanksgiving (November 28th).

3/22/2020 - 3/28/2020
Tommy Douglas Conference Center 10000 New Hampshire Ave Silver Spring, MD 20903
Online registration not available.

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