Honoring Those Who Serve

The IAFF proudly supports our brothers and sisters serving in the Armed Forces by listing their names on the IAFF Honor Roll. Local officers can request a member’s name be added by sending an email to membership@iaff.org .

CountryState ProvinceLocal #Local NameName
USAARL0034Little RockBryant E. Nehring
USAARL0034Little RockEric A. Steele
USAARS0024Fort Chaffee Professional Fire FightersJordan L. Wiley
USAAZI0060United Emergency Medical Professionals Of ArizonaWilliam Gerrish
USAAZL2260MesaShawn Willhite
USAAZL2273GlobeFranciso J. Fuentes
USAAZL3690Sedona-VerdeMarc Howard
USAAZL3832North Tucson Fire FightersAnthony Marquez
USAAZL4944Old Pueblo Fire Fighters AssociationGrant Reed
USACAF0033San DiegoJames Seidler
USACAF0033San DiegoRay Edward Macias
USACAF0033San DiegoWalter Hernandez
USACAF0116Vandenberg Professional Fire FightersGrayson M. Glass
USACAL0456StocktonDaniel M. Jones
USACAL3399Stanislaus Consolidated Fire FightersShane Gillette
USACAL3431Ventura CityEric Mukes
USACOL1290AuroraAustin Hoyer
USACOL1290AuroraBrianna Dahm
USACOL1290AuroraGabriel Honsberger
USACOL1290AuroraMilos Vujicic
USACOL1290AuroraNick Chase
USACOL2086IAFF Local 2086 South Metro Fire RescueKyle Williams
USACOL2086IAFF Local 2086 South Metro Fire RescueTarissa Vincent
USACTL0892NorwichDennis Blanchard
USACTL3059Thompsonville Fire DepartmentTyler Burnham
USAFLL1403Metropolitan Dade County Association Of Fire FightersDavid A. Gerena
USAFLL1403Metropolitan Dade County Association Of Fire FightersHarvey E. Rocha
USAFLL2481Professional Fire Fighters Of Live OakCorey Harding
USAFLL3080Metro-Broward Professional Fire FightersAndre R. Merlucci
USAFLL3254Seminole County Professional Fire Fighters AssociationVictor Gaytan
USAFLL3574Volusia County Fire Fighters AssociationJorge Hernandez
USAFLL4966Pinellas County Professional Fire FightersCara Reese
USAFLL4966Pinellas County Professional Fire FightersJames Flowers
USAGAL0868East Point Professional Fire FightersCharles Shannon Barnette
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiKekoa N. Rogan
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiSamson K. Aina
USAIAL0004Des MoinesRobert Zahnd
USAIAL0007Sioux CityBenjamin P. Morehead
USAIAL0625AmesDaniel Schmidt
USAIAL4835Johnston Professional Fire FightersAndrew J. Hooper
USAIAL4835Johnston Professional Fire FightersAustin Sapienza
USAIDL0710Coeur D AleneChristopher Brennon Pickett
USAIDL1556Twin FallsJesse Killinger
USAIDL4571Gowen Field Fire FightersMiguel Sandoval
USAILL0037SpringfieldJason Dean
USAINL0365East ChicagoOmar Nunez
USAINL0416IndianapolisJason Garner
USAINL0416IndianapolisJohn E. Bennett
USAINL0416IndianapolisUlysses A. Simmons, III
USAINL4252Johnson County Professional Fire Fighters UnionKarl W. Crist
USAINL4416Hamilton County Professional Fire Fighters UnionNicholas Southerland
USAKSL0135WichitaMicah Marie Redenbaugh
USAKSL0135WichitaPaul S. Gonzalez
USALAL1051Bossier CityMack Allen McCoy, Jr.
USALAL4784St. John Parish Fire FightersDamon Lewis
USALAL4969Madisonville Association of Fire FightersScott Corales
USAMAL0841New BedfordBrian Sitarz
USAMAL0841New BedfordSteven G. Beaulieu
USAMAL0866WalthamDavid J. Valego
USAMAL1452HolbrookAndrew Johnson
USAMAL1452HolbrookMathew A. Gray
USAMAL2452Turners FallsTodd M. Brunelle
USAMDF0121National Capital Professional Federal Fire FightersKirk E. Prinsen
USAMDF0121National Capital Professional Federal Fire FightersPedro Perez
USAMDL2000Howard CountyBrian Shipley
USAMDL2000Howard CountyGamaliel D. Baer
USAMDL2000Howard CountyGeorge Michael Maisonet
USAMDL2000Howard CountyJason B. Shanley
USAMDL2000Howard CountyJason Grant
USAMDL2000Howard CountyJong Won Lee
USAMDL2000Howard CountyJoshua R. Milewski
USAMDL2000Howard CountyRichard A. Steer, Jr.
USAMDL3666Frederick CountyDaniel Alexander Rose
USAMEF0123Shipyard Professional Fire FightersAustin J. Routhier
USAMEL0772BangorDaryl O'Kresik
USAMEL0772BangorJoel Burda
USAMEL0772BangorLauren Tribuzio
USAMIL0344DetroitAlexander J. Knell
USAMIL0344DetroitAntonio J. Perry
USAMIL0344DetroitBrendan MacDonald
USAMIL0344DetroitCiara L. Wright
USAMIL0344DetroitDarnell A. Rogers
USAMIL0344DetroitDarryon Faulkner
USAMIL0344DetroitEric J. Henry
USAMIL0344DetroitMatthew L. Jarecki
USAMIL0401YpsilantiAmanda Derrington
USAMNL1215RichfieldJoseph Ewald
USAMOL0152SpringfieldMatthew Yaktine
USAMTL3261Great Falls AirportDavid Lambers
USAMTL3261Great Falls AirportOlin McCrumb
USANDL5307West Fargo Fire Fighters AssociationBenjamin Herbst
USANDL5307West Fargo Fire Fighters AssociationGarrett Rix
USANEF0191Offutt Air Force BaseRussell A. Barker
USANEL0644LincolnVincent Michael Ross
USANEL1005NorfolkBryce Hinrichs
USANEL4956Aurora Professional Fire Fighters AssociationTimothy Lee Graham
USANHL0856ManchesterBrian Berghorn
USANHL0856ManchesterDevin Martin
USANHL0856ManchesterMichael J. Benoit
USANHL1451RochesterKen Hoyt
USANHL1451RochesterLilah Cherim
USANJL3091Burlington CountyRichard J. Purdy
USANYF0214914th TagAaron Brindamour
USANYL0589NewburghJose A. Palomino
USANYL4959Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent AssociationTanya J. Kinard
USAOHL0088ZanesvillePatrick Stanbery
USAOHL3544Springfield Township(Holland)Sean Baney
USAOHL5243Bryan Professional Fire FightersDrew Short
USAOKF0211Tinker Air Force BaseChristopher L. Cassidy
USAOKF0211Tinker Air Force BaseKevin Lee Larimore
USAOKF0211Tinker Air Force BaseMatthew H. Heine
USAOKF0211Tinker Air Force BaseStephanie M. Hinkle
USAOKF0315Special Operations of Professional Fire FightersCody Willis
USAOKF0315Special Operations of Professional Fire FightersJustin Shepherd
USAOKF0315Special Operations of Professional Fire FightersNate Harrington
USAOKF0315Special Operations of Professional Fire FightersSteven A. Gibbons
USAOKF0315Special Operations of Professional Fire FightersTanner Earls
USAOKL0176TulsaNathan A. Morgans
USAOKL0194SapulpaBen Adams
USAOKL3958The Village Fire Fighters AssociationCody McNeff
USAORL1660Tualatin ValleyMichael Maginn
USAORL5169North Lincoln Professional Fire FightersBrandon R. Lauritzon
USAPAF0170Letterkenny Army DepotJosh Mahoney
USAPAF0221Federal Fire Department, New CumberlandKelly L. Lemmons
USAPAL0302AllentownOnix B. Reyes-Santiago
USAPAL0735BethlehemSteven R. Levine
USARIF0100N.E.T.C.Naval Base - NewportChristopher Viveros
USASCL3697Saint Andrews Professional Fire FightersJosh Allen
USASCL4345Horry County Fire FightersBradley Allen
USASCL4614Myrtle Beach Professional Fire Officers AssociationRichard Palmer
USATNL0140NashvilleLindsay A. Vincent
USATNL1784MemphisJoseph M. Dischner
USATNL1784MemphisWilliam T. Ozment
USATXL1204BryanStephen Southerlin
USATXL3606LewisvilleScott Moody
USATXL3891Kennedale Professional Fire Fighters AssociationChance Warren
USATXL4122SeguinAndrew H. Weertman
USATXL4122SeguinBryan L. Zuberbueler
USATXL4122SeguinGeorge Hanger
USATXL4255Sugar Land Professional Fire FightersCary J. Calverley
USATXL4583Travis County Fire Fighters AssociationMichael Rogers
USAVAL1568Henrico CountyMatthew Ferguson
USAVAL2141AlexandriaJodi Renner
USAVAL2800Arlington CountyKirby A. Anderson
USAVAL2924Virginia Beach Professional Fire FightersPreston Lockhart
USAVAL3762Fauquier CountyBrian Stuart
USAVAL4865Goochland Professional Fire Fighters AssociationDavid L. Samuel, Jr.
USAWAF0283Fort LewisJoel P. Primiano
USAWAL0106BellinghamTye D. Thompson
USAWAL2109Ocean ShoresTravis L. Bearden
USAWIL0141Green BayThomas Donnan
USAWIL1848Oak CreekColin Crawford
USAWIL3879Menomonee FallsBrandon K. Kais
USAWVL0317CharlestonKyle D. Hartleben
USAWVL0317CharlestonRobert Fisher
USAWVL1822NitroJonathan Atkins
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