Honoring Those Who Serve

The IAFF proudly supports our brothers and sisters serving in the Armed Forces by listing their names on the IAFF Honor Roll. Local officers can request a member’s name be added by sending an email to membership@iaff.org .

CountryState ProvinceLocal #Local NameName
USAALL0270Florence Professional Fire Fighters AssociationGrayson D. Bourn
USAARL2866Fayetteville Fire Fighters AssociationJason Pomeroy
USAAZL3832North Tucson Fire FightersJohn R. Colby, Jr.
USAAZL5050United Scottsdale Fire Fighters AssociationAlex Velazquez
USAAZL5050United Scottsdale Fire Fighters AssociationJordan Coomber
USACAF0033San DiegoAristotle C. Alipoon
USACAF0033San DiegoJuvanie B. Robinson
USACAF0033San DiegoWalter Hernandez
USACAI0094NASA JPL Professional Fire FightersPatrick Beltran
USACAL0112Los Angeles CityAnthony N. Arriaga
USACAL3399Stanislaus Consolidated Fire FightersShane Gillette
USACAL3431Ventura CityEric Mukes
USACOL0005Colorado SpringsRiley Whitworth
USACOL1290AuroraBrianna Dahm
USACOL1290AuroraMilos Vujicic
USACOL1290AuroraNick Chase
USACOL2086IAFF Local 2086 South Metro Fire RescueTarissa Vincent
USACOL2203North MetroQuinn Henson
USACOL4056ArvadaTravis Cadotte
USACTS0015Connecticut Police and Fire UnionAndrew P. Faust
USAFLL0122Jacksonville Association of Fire FightersDavid Deloach
USAFLL0122Jacksonville Association of Fire FightersJoshua Linder
USAFLL0122Jacksonville Association of Fire FightersKierran Balcita
USAFLL0122Jacksonville Association of Fire FightersMark Flores
USAFLL0122Jacksonville Association of Fire FightersMatthew Floyd
USAFLL0747St. Petersburg Association Of Fire FightersNicholas Vosotas
USAFLL0747St. Petersburg Association Of Fire FightersPaul L. Kinsella
USAFLL2057Orange County Fire Fighters AssociationElliott Dix
USAFLL2057Orange County Fire Fighters AssociationHeidi R. Weber
USAFLL2057Orange County Fire Fighters AssociationIsaias Vazquez Torres
USAFLL2057Orange County Fire Fighters AssociationVictor R. Ruiz
USAFLL2157Gainesville Professional Fire FightersJorge Cortez
USAFLL3101Nassau County Fire-Rescue ProfessionalsMichelle Hoover
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiAllyn Matsuda
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiCandice U. Pauole
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiJames Almero
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiJustin-Paul I. Areola
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiSamson K. Aina
USAIAL0007Sioux CityDerek Dewitt
USAIAL0007Sioux CityLevi Thelander
USAIAL0007Sioux CityNicholas S. Erickson
USAIAL0017DavenportDerek DeMoss
USAIAL0041Mason CityWyatt Brown
USAIAL4743Altoona Professional Fire FightersAndrew M. Simoni
USAIAL4814Ankeny Career Fire FightersGary Sanders
USAIAL4835Johnston Professional Fire FightersAndrew J. Hooper
USAIAL4835Johnston Professional Fire FightersAustin Sapienza
USAILL0037SpringfieldJason Dean
USAINL0365East ChicagoOmar Nunez
USAINL0472LafayetteJared Faust
USAINL4252Johnson County Professional Fire Fighters UnionKarl W. Crist
USAINL5195Boone County Professional Fire Fighters AssociationCasey Ray Curtis
USAKYF0291Blue Grass Army Depot Fire Dept.Jacob Fogle
USAKYF0291Blue Grass Army Depot Fire Dept.Jesse J. Beavers
USAKYF0291Blue Grass Army Depot Fire Dept.Jonathan Dever
USAKYL0345LouisvilleStephanie S. Malone
USAKYL3972Jefferson CountyLogan Cahall
USALAF0189N.A.S. New OrleansJames N. Mendez
USALAL0561Lake CharlesColby D. West
USALAL0561Lake CharlesEric J. McCorquodale
USALAL4969Madisonville Association of Fire FightersScott Corales
USAMDL1311Baltimore CountyJoseph D. Galloway
USAMDL2000Howard CountyGeorge Michael Maisonet
USAMDL2000Howard CountyJong Won Lee
USAMDL2000Howard CountyJoshua R. Milewski
USAMDL3666Frederick CountyDaniel Alexander Rose
USAMEF0123Shipyard Professional Fire FightersEmerson C. Miller
USAMEF0123Shipyard Professional Fire FightersGlenn A. Vajda
USAMIL0344DetroitAntonio J. Perry
USAMIL0344DetroitDarnell A. Rogers
USAMIL0344DetroitMatthew L. Jarecki
USAMIL0352FlintJason Bocek
USAMNL0520RochesterMathias Kautto
USAMNL0880Cloquet Area Fire DistrictPete Erickson
USAMNL5171Eagan Professional Fire FightersKeegan Geske
USAMOL0152SpringfieldMatthew Yaktine
USAMTL3261Great Falls AirportOlin McCrumb
USANCL0682Winston-Salem Professional Fire FightersMartin S. Lawson
USANCL2370Salisbury Professional Fire FightersJames Richard Arnold, Jr.
USANCL4633Currituck County Professional Fire Fighters and EMSScott Kolar
USANDL3743Williston Professional Fire FightersSara R. Stafford
USANDL3743Williston Professional Fire FightersWyatt Koenig
USANEL0644LincolnBrooks Roberts
USANEL0644LincolnConnor T. Maher
USANEL0644LincolnJordan M. Wright
USANEL0644LincolnRichard D. Schneider
USANEL0644LincolnVincent Michael Ross
USANHL0856ManchesterBrian Berghorn
USANHL0856ManchesterPaul Brassard
USANHL1451RochesterKen Hoyt
USANHL1451RochesterLilah Cherim
USANMI0099NASA/WSTF Fire DepartmentKyle Mulligan
USANYL0589NewburghJose A. Palomino
USANYL4959Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent AssociationTanya J. Kinard
USAOHL3544Springfield Township(Holland)Sean Baney
USAOKL2095StillwaterJennifer Inciarte
CanadaONL3659Ottawa Airport Professional Aviation Fire Fighters AssociationMike Soper
USAORL1660Tualatin ValleyMichael Maginn
USAORL5359City of Dallas Professional Paramedics and Fire FightersJesse Friedow
USAPAL0114ButlerJoshua D. Abbott
USAPAL0428HarrisburgChristopher Kalman
USAPAL0428HarrisburgForrest J. Rothrock
USAPAL1038Allegheny CountyCraig Nunamaker
USAPAL2102CorryJacob Nugent
USATNL1784MemphisAustin J. Ellis
USATNL1784MemphisJohn P. Ferraro
USATNL1784MemphisJoseph M. Dischner
USATNL3035MurfreesboroDaleon Abercrombie
USATNL3460HendersonvilleTim Griffin
USATNL3758Franklin Fire FightersJohn Carolan
USATXL0936Corpus ChristiRobert Burroughs
USATXL2602McAllenJaime Gauna
USATXL2602McAllenJuan Vela
USATXL3606LewisvilleStephen James
USATXL3732FriscoMatthew N. Bonner
USATXL4377Converse Professional Fire FightersGilbert Rodriguez
USATXL4583Travis County Fire Fighters AssociationMichael Rogers
USATXL5190Argyle Professional Fire Fighters AssociationDanielle M. Hamilton
USAVAL1568Henrico CountyChristopher M. Stein
USAVAL2068Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters And ParamedicsCorey J. Smith
USAVAL2068Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters And ParamedicsDavid Danielson
USAVAL2068Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters And ParamedicsJackson P. McEachin
USAVAL2068Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters And ParamedicsMerneptah V. Funn
USAVAL2068Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters And ParamedicsVon Powell, III
USAVAL2449ChesapeakeChristopher Murphy
USAVAL2598Prince William Professional Fire Fighters, Inc.Kyle Straker
USAVAL2800Arlington CountyKirby A. Anderson
USAVAL2803Chesterfield County Professional Fire Fighters Assn.Brian T. Roach, Jr.
USAVAL2803Chesterfield County Professional Fire Fighters Assn.Caleb Baldwin
USAVAL2803Chesterfield County Professional Fire Fighters Assn.Charles R. Banks
USAVAL2803Chesterfield County Professional Fire Fighters Assn.Nino Rosado
USAVAL2803Chesterfield County Professional Fire Fighters Assn.William E. Kingery, III
USAVAL4865Goochland Professional Fire Fighters AssociationDavid L. Samuel, Jr.
USAWAF0282Puget Sound Federal Fire FightersMichael D. Prime
USAWIL0484Stevens PointThomas Wastart, III
USAWIL1021MarshfieldAnthony Halloran
USAWIL1440North ShoreRandall S. Hammock
USAWIL3655Grand ChuteSeth M. Barr
USAWVL0317CharlestonRobert A. Sloan, II
USAWVL0837South CharlestonBrandon Huffman
USAWVL0837South CharlestonBrett Mannon
USAWVL0837South CharlestonMichael D. Oakley, II
USAWVL0837South CharlestonMichael Price
USAWVL0837South CharlestonMichael Taylor
USAWVL0837South CharlestonTimothy Walker
USAWVL1822NitroJonathan Atkins
USAWVL4889130th Professional Fire FightersAlexander J. Boyles
USAWVL4889130th Professional Fire FightersJason Thomas
USAWVL4889130th Professional Fire FightersMatthew Morris
USAWVL4889130th Professional Fire FightersZackary D. Mathis-Abshire
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