Honoring Those Who Serve

The IAFF proudly supports our brothers and sisters serving in the Armed Forces by listing their names on the IAFF Honor Roll. Local officers can request a member’s name be added by sending an email to membership@iaff.org .

CountryState ProvinceLocal #Local NameName
USAALL1349MobileJacqueline E. Spruill
USAARS0024Fort Chaffee Professional Fire FightersJordan L. Wiley
USAAZL2260MesaJohnathan Lake
USAAZL2260MesaNick Eggert
USAAZL3832North Tucson Fire FightersKarl G. Rhein
USACAF0033San DiegoJames Seidler
USACAL5181Amador County Professional Fire FightersBrennan C. Dickey
USACAL5187Valley Center Fire Fighters AssociationConnor Donahue
USACOL2086IAFF Local 2086 South Metro Fire RescueKyle Williams
USACTL0801DanburySean Witoshynsky
USACTL0992New BritainMatthew Abdifar
USADEL5121Sussex County Uniformed Fire Fighters AssociationJacob Mayfield
USAFLL0707Pensacola Professional Fire FightersColton R. Lewis
USAFLL2481Professional Fire Fighters Of Live OakCorey Harding
USAFLL3138Rockledge Professional Fire Fighters AssociationSkyler Kovacs
USAFLL3169Professional Fire Fighters Of Marion CountyWilliam Bryant
USAFLL3362Clay County Fire/Rescue ProfessionalsRyan C. Rhodes
USAFLL3852Fire Rescue Professionals Of Alachua CountyJoseph Harris
USAFLL4192Midway Professional Fire FightersJefferson Steel
USAFLL4966Pinellas County Professional Fire FightersCara Reese
USAFLL4966Pinellas County Professional Fire FightersJames Flowers
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiAaron J. Pitt
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiJeremy Takesue
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiKenneth Oshiro
USAHIF0263Federal Fire Fighters Of HawaiiScott I. Hiatsuka
USAHIL1463Hawaiian IslandsCedric K. Sarsfield
USAHIL1463Hawaiian IslandsShane A. Waltbillig
USAIAL0625AmesDaniel Schmidt
USAIDL0710Coeur D AleneChristopher Brennon Pickett
USAIDL4571Gowen Field Fire FightersJack D. Simonds
USAIDL4571Gowen Field Fire FightersReginald Lee Pierce, III
USAIDL4571Gowen Field Fire FightersTimothy P. Tollefson
USAIDL4571Gowen Field Fire FightersTrevor Lee Rood
USAILL0037SpringfieldEdgar Ewing
USAILL2254HarrisburgTristan Monroe
USAILL2753Forest ParkRussell L. Nelson
USAINL0416IndianapolisChristopher J. Van Roo
USAINL0416IndianapolisJason Garner
USAINL0416IndianapolisJohn E. Bennett
USAINL0416IndianapolisRichard D. Boyle
USAINL0416IndianapolisUlysses A. Simmons, III
USAINL2594ClarksvilleColton M. Reed
USAINL4416Hamilton County Professional Fire Fighters UnionLuke Martin Turner
USAINL4416Hamilton County Professional Fire Fighters UnionNicholas A. Miller
USAKYF0291Blue Grass Army Depot Fire Dept.Joseph Bush
USALAL4019RustonMatt Watson
USAMAL0030CambridgeMatthew Lopata
USAMAL1903LongmeadowGordon Duggan
USAMAS0029104th Fighter Wing Fire DepartmentDaniel Berg
USAMDF0121National Capital Professional Federal Fire FightersManoel Robinson
USAMDL2000Howard CountyJonathan Dayhoff
USAMDL2000Howard CountyRyan A. Newnan
USAMDL5044Martin State Airport Fire DepartmentJoshua A. McDaid
USAMDL5044Martin State Airport Fire DepartmentReginald Fairley
USAMEL0740PortlandTodd Libby
USAMEL1624SanfordKenneth M. Brown
USAMEL3107BiddefordAndy R. Morgan
USAMIL0344DetroitEric Brock
USAMIL0421LansingJames E. Videto
USAMIL0421LansingMartin W. Anderson, Sr.
USAMNL0520RochesterJeffrey Schnier
USAMNL0520RochesterMathias Kautto
USAMNL1215RichfieldJoseph Ewald
USAMOL1055ColumbiaMatthew Dodd
USAMSL5199Moss Point Professional Fire FightersAaron T. Hasten
USANCL0947Professional Fire Fighters Of GreensboroErin McFarlan Graham
USANCL0947Professional Fire Fighters Of GreensboroRyan A. Serrano
USANCL4576New Hanover County Professional Fire Fighters AssociationNathan Fiola
USANEL0644LincolnAdam M. Schaaf
USANHL1451RochesterBrandt M. Berry
USANHL1451RochesterJason M. Laferte
USANJL3950North HudsonMichael J. Groskranz
USANJL4687Evesham Township Professional Fire Fighters AssociationJames T. Heisler, III
USANML4297Los Lunas Fire FightersBrian A. Irving
USANVF0268N.A.S. FallonJacob E. Roseberry
USANYF0007West PointMichael S. Clemens
USANYF0105Fort DrumFrank Clay
USANYF0214914th TagAaron Brindamour
USANYF0214914th TagArthur Curcione
USAOHL0333SpringfieldJeremy O'Brien
USAOHL0480AllianceJoseph Michael Looby
USAOHL3960Perry TownshipBrad Shaffer
USAOHL4170Perrysburg TownshipBenjamin Coppes
USAOKF0211Tinker Air Force BaseChristopher L. Cassidy
USAOKL0157Oklahoma CityJames K. Hargrove
USAOKL0176TulsaCody Lee Allen
USAOKL0176TulsaHouston A. Nole
USAOKL0176TulsaLogan A. Shultz
USAOKL0176TulsaSteven B. Jones
USAOKL0194SapulpaBen Adams
USAORL1660Tualatin ValleyCody Nichols
USAPAF0170Letterkenny Army DepotJosh Mahoney
USAPAL1803ReadingLucas A. DePledge
USAPAL1803ReadingNathan MacLane
USAPAL1803ReadingTimothy S. Coleman
USARIL1104West WarwickLuke Hogan
USASCL2345Myrtle Beach Professional Fire Fighters AssociationStephen J. Tucker
USASCL3697Saint Andrews Professional Fire FightersRJ Walls
USASCL5198Hardeeville Professional Fire Fighters AssociationPhilip D. Ellenburg
USASDL1040Rapid City Fire Fighters UnionCharles Sifred
USATNL0140NashvilleLindsay A. Vincent
USATNL1784MemphisJoseph D. DiMauro
USATNL1850JacksonMarques Marshall
USATNL3180ClarksvilleSteven Peters
USATXL0341HoustonAndres Davalos
USATXL0341HoustonJonathan Torres
USATXL0341HoustonJose Talavera
USATXL0341HoustonKyle Anderson
USATXL0341HoustonNicholas Paleschic
USATXL0341HoustonRichard C. Araiza
USATXL0341HoustonRogelio Gallegos
USATXL3891Kennedale Professional Fire Fighters AssociationChance Warren
USATXL4122SeguinBryan L. Zuberbueler
USATXL4122SeguinGeorge Hanger
USATXL4137PflugervilleEtahn Moran
USAVAL2141AlexandriaJodi Renner
USAVAL2598Prince William Professional Fire Fighters, Inc.Floyd Mallett
USAVAL2598Prince William Professional Fire Fighters, Inc.Quentin Granger
USAVAL3401WinchesterMichael William Flagg
USAWAF0283Fort LewisJense C. Fredericks
USAWAL0029SpokaneVince A. Comstock
USAWAL1805Clark County Fire District 6Joshua Mattert
USAWAL2781Snohomish County Fire District 7Nathaniel W. Brown
USAWVL0317CharlestonKyle D. Hartleben
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